A Small Business’s Guide to Hire a
Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

Expand your small business capabilities without breaking the bank. Our guide
walks you through the steps to find and hire the ideal virtual assistant in the Philippines.

Following up on our previous insights, you’re convinced that hiring a virtual assistant is the next best step for your business. Being a BPO capital of the world, the Philippines offers a budget-friendly solution for small businesses, given its reputation for skilled, boasting fluent English speakers, and cost-effective solutions.

This guide provides a detailed roadmap on things you need to know to partner with a virtual assistant that can contribute to your business’s growth.


Identify Your Need

Begin by outlining the tasks you intend to delegate offshore. It’s essential to have a solid grasp of the qualities and skills you’re looking for before you hire a virtual assistant.

Identifying the areas you need the most help for correlates with what your Virtual assistant can be doing for you. Hiring a virtual assistant is like hiring any other employee so must ensure they are eligible for the position.

For small businesses, these might range from administrative duties to social media management. Below are the a few common examples of VA jobs:


Administrative Work

The most popular and well-known virtual assistant service.

Virtual assistants excel at managing general administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, handling emails, and tracking expenses. By dedicating a virtual assistant to these duties, your business can experience heightened productivity and improved organizational efficiency.


Some virtual assistants have the skills to assist with bookkeeping. They can handle the company’s books and even payroll management, offering valuable support in maintaining your company’s financial records.

Customer Service

If your business offers products or services, virtual assistants can serve as your first line of customer support. They can handle basic inquires and if necessary, escalate complex issues to an appropriate team member, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Social Media Management

In the age of digital marketing, having a virtual assistant specializing in social media can be pivotal in promoting your small business and its product and service on social media platforms. They can handle tasks like responding to messages, interacting with followers, and maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

Graphic Design

Often paired with social media VA, they help create social media content, design email templates, and provide various collaterals that contribute to your brand’s visual appeal.

There are many more roles a virtual assistant can help you with, you can click here to explore the full spectrum of services and unlock the potential of your virtual assistant to revolutionize your business operations.


Hiring Your Virtual Assistant:

When it comes to acquiring your virtual assistant, you have three primary options.

The first is direct hiring. This offers maximum control over the hiring process but requiring significant effort. With a wide range of worker experience, this method entails tasks such as interviewing, hiring, training, and onboarding your virtual assistant.

The second method can be used in conjunction with direct hiring for a better chance of getting the right candidate. You can use your written job description and post it through online job listing platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed. There are even several websites specialized in connecting you through a virtual assistant. Examples include OnlineJobs.ph, Upwork, and Outsourced Accelerator.

Another option and an increasingly more popular of the two is through partnering with an offshore outsourcing provider. This choice prioritizes quality and accountability, as the provider oversees the selection of the best virtual assistant for your needs. Moreover, they streamline the hiring, training, onboarding, and administrative processes, saving you valuable time, energy, and resources.


Key Points

  • Identify tasks for offshoring and delineate desired skills for your virtual assistant.
  • Consider options for hiring, including direct recruitment, job listing platforms, or partnering with an offshore outsourcing provider.
  • Leverage the expertise of a Filipino virtual assistant to boost productivity and business efficiency.


If you’re ready to optimize your business operations and unlock growth potential through offshore outsourcing, contact us now to discuss your requirements and explore how we can tailor our services to meet your needs effectively.