Admin & Virtual
Assistant Offshoring

Streamline admin resources by offshoring
time-consuming tasks


Get the quality admin support you need

By offshoring administrative roles, you can save more time to focus on core areas of your business. Having a full-time admin assistant can help you manage daily admin duties such as:

  • Responding to customer emails and calls promptly
  • Scheduling appointments and making follow-up calls
  • Managing database and documents
  • Invoice customers with outstanding balances

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Our Team Can Help You Offshore Roles Such as...

Admin Assistant

Executive Assistant

QA Specialist

Data Entry Specialist

Virtual Assistant

Data Encoder

Appointment Setter

Office Coordinator

And more roles according to your requirements

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    Experience These Benefits You Can Get by Offshoring Staff at MVP

    Save up
    to 75% on
    overhead costs

    Wider selection
    of quality

    Access to latest
    data protection

    Available support
    to ensure offshore
    team's productivity

    Great company
    to boost
    your team's morale

    Focus more on
    core functions