Dedicated offshore team
for mining industry

Expand your resources for
your mining projects by
offshoring professionals


Build an offshore team with global expertise in the mining industry

Building an offshore mining team is becoming a popular strategy in this industry to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and have a more robust process. Our MVP Method also gives you access to a large network of professionals.

Offshoring roles for your mining company is not limited to industry-related ones. Whether be it an IT team to ensure your data privacy, your own finance team to manage your cash flow, or a core marketing team to expand your market reach. We can help you find any roles based on your business needs.

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    Some of the Roles You Can Offshore Through MVP


    Mine Planning Engineer

    Geospatial Analyst

    Procurement Specialist

    Logistics Coordinator

    Safety Compliance Officer

    Exploration Data Analyst

    GIS Mapping

    Drilling Data Analyst

    … and other roles based on your qualifications and business needs.

    How MVP Method Works for Businesses


    We understand your specific
    skillset needs and business


    MVP recruits experienced
    candidates based on your needs
    and requirements.


    Once your MVP is selected, we
    take care of the onboarding and
    setup of your new employee!