Offshoring for small

Offshore your own staff to get the extra
support you need in managing your small


How offshoring helps small business owners manage and grow their business

Managing a small business is a time-demanding role that leads owners to juggle between mundane tasks and crucial activities all at once. This limits the capacity to focus on core functions.

Offshoring full-time roles has been an innovative solution for small business owners to keep up with the demands and scale operations more efficiently. MVP works with small business owners to have a cost-effective strategy to manage daily tasks and keep up with the ever-changing trends.

MVP can help you find quality professionals that best fit your business needs. Book a call with us to start finding your offshore MVP.

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    Some of the Roles You Can Offshore Through MVP

    Virtual Assistant

    Social Media Specialist


    Content Moderator

    Data Entry

    Graphic Designer

    Customer Support

    Marketing Coordinator

    Personal Assistant

    … and other roles based on your qualifications and business needs.

    How MVP Method Works for Businesses


    We understand your specific
    skillset needs and business


    MVP recruits experienced
    candidates based on your needs
    and requirements.


    Once your MVP is selected, we
    take care of the onboarding and
    setup of your new employee!